[V8] UFO brake caliper availability

Bastian Homburg b.homburg at web.de
Tue Dec 30 12:57:01 PST 2008

my '94 does have UFOs. It just has passed the 300k mark, and the 
calipers themselves are still fine. Never heard about issues with the 
front calipers over here before - that definitely is not a weak point 
with these cars, contrary to the rear ones.
I can't believe Audi doesn't carry the seal kit in the US. In any case, 
your Audi parts guy should be able to get it from Germany if he's worth 
his salary.


urq wrote:
> ... your '94 doesn't have UFOs does it?
> The USA is an odd place ... everyone is worried about being sued ... and
> suing.  I don't know what is "wrong" with the front calipers in the car ...
> I know car parts live a rough life down east, but as long as the fluid has
> been replaced regularly the front calipers should be easily rebuilt.  Years
> ago it was possible to get seal kits such as the one you mention here in the
> states, but no longer!  Even clutch rebuild kits are difficult to find.
> Rear calipers have problems with the e-brake mechanism, even out here in the
> mild climate of Kahleefohnia ...

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