[V8] UFO brake caliper availability

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Tue Dec 30 14:52:28 PST 2008

BBS is selling product once again.  They filed for insolvency 18 months ago. They are a stronger company now.


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That information is, well, not accurate. The front calipers are still 
available @ Audi as of less than two weeks ago.The part no. *was 
441615108A for my '94*, and they quoted me a price of seven hundred 
Euros for one.
I would rebuild the originals, using the *seal kit (part. no. 
251698471B, about $25 @ Audi).
I`d ask Paul Fernandes of www.customautocraft.com if he carries any OEM 
replacements. I know he's got the rear calipers, but I`m not sure about 
the front ones.
The brakes will be among the last parts Audi will carry for our cars, 
I`m pretty sure about that.
What worries me right now is that with the current economic situation, a 
lot of the mostly small/ medium business auto industry suppliers are hit 
pretty badly by the credit crunch and **are facing tough times. 
**There's a real possibility that a few of them who are producing 
components for our cars will not survive. For example, BBS has declared 


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