[V8] Engine dying

Dag Bøsterud dag.boesterud at consulgranada.net
Sun Feb 3 12:27:10 PST 2008

I was out driving the other day, it was snowing quite heavily, and I had to drive very
slowly. I was taking a left turn, the engine was doing about 1000 rpm, and when
I pressed the accellerator again, the car felt VERY sluggish. I took my foot of the
accellerator again, the engine dropped to about 250 rpm, I tried to accellerate
once more, and at first the car wouldn't respond and felt sluggish. After what felt
like a decade, but was really only a couple of seconds it started to respond, 
and after that the car has been acting just fine.

...any ideas as to what might have happened?

92 V8 4.2
200 000 miles

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