[V8] Dead batt / etc

Coleman, David David.Coleman at blackrock.com
Wed Feb 13 17:53:28 PST 2008

Hey doods

I know this has been beaten to death, and I'm sure the answer lies filed on my computer somewhere, but I'm away from my desk...

The battery in my '91 was stone dead this morning after a week outside in arctic temps... so I jumped it with the charger -- using the non-preferred setting of 225 amp start.  Now the antilock light is on, and (natch) the dash switch is totally inop.   And the abs itself seems inop as well, since it'll lock up under heavy braking. 

The alt is recently rebuilt, with a new voltage regulator, and tho after work I had to "pop start" it by coasting down a slight hill, it did fire.  And letting it run for an hour in the driveway seems to have brought it back, tho the antilock light situ is still the same. 

To fix, do I:  
- disconnect batt overnight;
- run the ross-tech (in the drenching rain) to check codes:
- hit the dash switch with an 8-lb sledge;
- replace the (incorrect but recent) battery;
- or drive a few hundred miles and let it sort itself out?

Notice how none of the above include benchtesting the alt. Given that it seems to be charging, and there's no battery lite glowing, I'm planning to not have to get involved in that whole thing...

Thanks gents!  


PS: Tony, I sent you a reply re: your earlier request

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