[V8] Sputtering Green Horney

Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Sat Feb 23 09:32:35 PST 2008

Roger Woodbury wrote:
> Well, no.  Not really.  But our 1994 Audi 100CS Avant has an horrific
> problem that defies diagnosis and repair.  
> Last summer I replaced all plugs and wires and the problem seemed to go
> away.  Occasionally we would get a mysterious "check engine" light and a
> trip to the wrench's computer did not yield what I expected, which would
> have been an oxygen sensor.  

I know you trust your mechanic. But this time he isn't getting the job done. No 
one is perfect.  I see 2 options to minimize your pain.

1. Invest ~$200 and get VAG-COM. Use it while driving the car. When the
    check-engine light comes on, stop and see what VAG-COM has to say.
    My gut says it's a sensor, slowly failing.

2. Take it to a good independent Audi wrench.  Northern European Automotive
    is in Concord NH, about 2 hours from Portland. Add another hour that you
    from Portland.  6 hours total.  It might be worth a day to schedule it.
    Kill the day waiting for the fix (or leave with enough knowledge to fix
    it).  You can walk downtown to the bookstore, find something to read,
    then hit a coffee shop. Or grab a ride to Borders, which has a Starbucks.

Either way you're out money or time. But that seems to be route you've been 
taking, and you haven't made any progress. These options might get you to where 
you want to be.


P.S. Was that a typo in th Subject line?

Kent McLean
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