[V8] winter ponderings

Roger Woodbury rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com
Thu Jan 3 09:12:20 PST 2008

Well, we are having a real Maine winter here, so I am frozen in place and
not even Quattro can get me moving very well.

Times like these I think about all the car stuff that I haven't done, and
this morning, instead of taking the plow truck out to clean up the roadways
leading to the house, I have been think about the five slot, Audi wheels
that came off my wife's 100CS.

They are pretty grungy.  Too many Maine winters, and one of them needs to be
resealed somehow as it has a tiny pinhole leak.  I have been pondering
having them refinished.

It makes a certain amount of sense, actually, refinishing them.  They would
be VERY expensive to replace....I have NO idea how much Audi would want,
assuming that they are even available from Audi...but something north of
$600 wouldn't surprise me. And that's for each.

I know that I can buy them from one or another of the restoration services
for around $250 plus the cost of shipping, which is probably $30 a wheel or

It is possible to have them restored, for $125-150 each, plus shipping, or I
might end up hand carrying them to one of the places in southern New England
to get that done.

The only reason for even going through this is because we have made a
decision to keep the car indefinitely, so an extra set of wheels isn't a bad
idea...maybe I'll even break down at some point and buy a set of winter

I was wondering if anyone has gone to the expense of having Audi OEM wheels
restored?   Two years or so ago, I bought a set of Fuchs wheels and nearly
new Dunlop tires from a lister...they were terrific, wheels were near new in
appearance and the tires had the best part of wear left.  I have gone
through the tires and have new tires on the Fuchs wheels now, but every time
I walk through the garage I see the OEM wheels, and think I ought to do
something with them aside from making them boat anchors....


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