[V8] V8 transmission filter

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 14:09:01 PST 2008

I recently took my 1990 V8 to a mechanic to change the AT filter.  I
supplied a "kit" I bought through a Beck Arnley dealer.

I ended up getting only a fluid flush.

Two problems occurred...

#1 Mechanic claims AT filter kit was wrong part.  I looked it up
online and found it listed for both a 92 100 V6 and the 90-94 v8.  So
that is a red flag to me because I don't think the two transmissions
are the same in those models.

#2 Mechanic doesn't believe there's even a filter to be changed in
there and didn't call to ask me what I wanted done before he decided
to go ahead and just flush the fluid and charge me 50 bucks.  I
expressed my disappointment and he said in addition to draining the
trans at the drain plug, he also drained "the torque converter side"
and the final drive.  So, it made me feel a little bit better and the
trans does seem to shift a little smoother, but I'm still skeptical
about the whole experience.

So, what is the correct part number for the AT filter kit for the V8
Quattro?  Where did you find and purchase the correct part?

Is there really an actual filter in there or is it just a screen that
"gets cleaned just by changing the fluid" (as stated by the mechanic)?

He said he used "fluid from Audi" like from the dealer across town I
guess, but the receipt says Valvoline Max Life.  The guy who called to
tell me the car was ready to be picked up told me Max Life too.  The
guy I spoke to is one of the owners and this shop is supposedly really
reputable.  I have friends who swear by them.  They service a local
resident's 300 Gullwing Mercedes.  I realize however that they might
not know their ass from any other hole when it comes to Audis.  Or,
they just don't want to work on them.  Or mine.  Or whatever the

Either way, I really want to make sure I don't lose this transmission
because of the damn filter.  Even though the paint on the hood is
peeling off and the clear coat is peeling off the back quarters, it
runs great, drives great, and is virtually unaffected by snow and ice
with proper tires mounted, not to mention that my GF really likes it
(I bought it to be her winter car).

I actually had the car up on ramps and jackstands and was lying
underneath and just couldn't quite bring myself to tackle this job.  I
had only barely enough room to actually breath in and out under there
and needed the car to be driveable in a day or two for a thousands of
miles trip to CA and back two Thanksgivings ago.  I'm not against
trying it again, but I finally decided to actually pay someone to do
it for me and then this horseshit happens.

Please advise.

Colorado Springs

On 1/4/08, Scott Simmons <indischrot at gmail.com> wrote:
> ... in other news:  $400 later, Der Panzerkampfwagen is kicking butt.
> The transmission put it out of service for 3 days a couple weeks ago and
> robbed a bunch of Christmas money (who we kidding? that money wasn't
> going to go to anyone else!) and a mad-dash search to find the CORRECT
> ZF4HP24 filter: there are 3 variations.  The night I got the car back,
> it began to snow... and didn't stop for 12 inches.

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