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Ingo Rautenberg ingo.rautenberg at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 14:41:23 PST 2008


Something tells me he's right AND wrong.

The correct part number for the filter (strainer according to Audi)  
is 018 325 433 B.

Applications include '89-94 V8 in the USA.

No V6's, unless it was later A8's elsewhere (Europe) with the V6's  
and 4 speed tranny.



PS:  Fluid change is always better than no fluid change.

On Jan 4, 2008, at 5:09 PM, Ed Kellock wrote:

> I recently took my 1990 V8 to a mechanic to change the AT filter.  I
> supplied a "kit" I bought through a Beck Arnley dealer.
> I ended up getting only a fluid flush.
> Two problems occurred...
> #1 Mechanic claims AT filter kit was wrong part.  I looked it up
> online and found it listed for both a 92 100 V6 and the 90-94 v8.  So
> that is a red flag to me because I don't think the two transmissions
> are the same in those models.
> #2 Mechanic doesn't believe there's even a filter to be changed in
> there and didn't call to ask me what I wanted done before he decided
> to go ahead and just flush the fluid and charge me 50 bucks.  I
> expressed my disappointment and he said in addition to draining the
> trans at the drain plug, he also drained "the torque converter side"
> and the final drive.  So, it made me feel a little bit better and the
> trans does seem to shift a little smoother, but I'm still skeptical
> about the whole experience.
> So, what is the correct part number for the AT filter kit for the V8
> Quattro?  Where did you find and purchase the correct part?
> Is there really an actual filter in there or is it just a screen that
> "gets cleaned just by changing the fluid" (as stated by the mechanic)?
> He said he used "fluid from Audi" like from the dealer across town I
> guess, but the receipt says Valvoline Max Life.  The guy who called to
> tell me the car was ready to be picked up told me Max Life too.  The
> guy I spoke to is one of the owners and this shop is supposedly really
> reputable.  I have friends who swear by them.  They service a local
> resident's 300 Gullwing Mercedes.  I realize however that they might
> not know their ass from any other hole when it comes to Audis.  Or,
> they just don't want to work on them.  Or mine.  Or whatever the
> hell...
> Either way, I really want to make sure I don't lose this transmission
> because of the damn filter.  Even though the paint on the hood is
> peeling off and the clear coat is peeling off the back quarters, it
> runs great, drives great, and is virtually unaffected by snow and ice
> with proper tires mounted, not to mention that my GF really likes it
> (I bought it to be her winter car).
> I actually had the car up on ramps and jackstands and was lying
> underneath and just couldn't quite bring myself to tackle this job.  I
> had only barely enough room to actually breath in and out under there
> and needed the car to be driveable in a day or two for a thousands of
> miles trip to CA and back two Thanksgivings ago.  I'm not against
> trying it again, but I finally decided to actually pay someone to do
> it for me and then this horseshit happens.
> Please advise.
> Thanks!
> Ed
> Colorado Springs
> On 1/4/08, Scott Simmons <indischrot at gmail.com> wrote:
>> ... in other news:  $400 later, Der Panzerkampfwagen is kicking butt.
>> The transmission put it out of service for 3 days a couple weeks  
>> ago and
>> robbed a bunch of Christmas money (who we kidding? that money wasn't
>> going to go to anyone else!) and a mad-dash search to find the  
>> ZF4HP24 filter: there are 3 variations.  The night I got the car  
>> back,
>> it began to snow... and didn't stop for 12 inches.
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