[V8] Euro headlights on ebay

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Tue Jan 8 14:02:29 PST 2008

Just a word of caution when dealing with headlights/shipping and Germany.
 There were several listers (myself included) who received badly packed
headlights with broken glass.  They were insured, BUT, the only one who
could put in a claim was the sender.  I don't know if this is some German
thing or what.  I got tired of wasting my time with the seller (still owe
lister Paul Intemann for all his German translation help) and just let it
go.  It got to the point where the seller would receive a full refund of
MY money if I went through with the claim procedure, I'm sure he'd have
kept that too.  I ended up picking up a brand new replacement Euro lens
from Blau when they had them up on FleaBay.
There are also many listers who had no problems with light purchases from
FleaBay Germany, so it's a roll of the dice.  Also be aware that if
customs flags the shipment, you'll have to pay a brokers fee if there are
any "irregularities."  
Canadian listers...check first with your authorities, it may keep you
from getting a really bad surprise from the tax man when you receive your

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