[V8] V8 very sick

Coleman, David David.Coleman at blackrock.com
Wed Jan 9 06:13:54 PST 2008

First things first -- the old standbys:

1)  pull the codes (let us know if you need direction here)
2)  replace fuel pressure regulator
3)  replace O2 sensor

Germanautoconnection.com is a good place to start shopping for the
latter two items.


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> My 90 V8 is stuttering,misfires,at times cuts off at traffic
lights,stop signs.the
> audi stalls,sometimes it will not even respond when i give it
> gas to a point where it just dies off.but when i start it again,it
> responds normal for a second but will start to stall again and cut
> off.it does not matter cold or warm start,the audi will start to
> sputter.mech replaced Plugs, wires, caps & rotors, fuel
> filter.funny thing is today i drove it to work,was ok after a cold
> start,when i on my way back it started to lose power and out of
> nowhere,its like its been injected with some nitro coz it just taks
> off.i got home and I let it idle for 45 mins and it did not cut off,I
> even drove it around with no problems...3 hrs later I started it and
> was cutting off again.
> I took it in to an Audi mechanic and he said all it neeeded was a
major tune up
> which he did-$800.
> After a new days it started again and he says it maybe the fuel pump.
> any thoughts?????
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