[V8] Audi Dealership

Dag Bøsterud dag.boesterud at consulgranada.net
Mon Jan 14 18:28:40 PST 2008

This is very common. The first times I took my V8 to the local dealership
asking for parts, they actually stated that Audi never made a modell V8 :p
I had to walk behind the counter and show the parts guy where to look
in ETKA. What a laugh :D

92 V8 4.2
200 000 miles

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> Thought I would share a laugh....
> I decided to take V8Q to an Audi Dealership,service dept to have them
> run a diagnostic and basically tell me whats gong with the car,this was
> all for 50 bux so I said ok.The service guy at the front desk syays to
> me what kind of car is it,am like its a 90 V8 Quattro,hez like you have
> already said that,what model is it,A4,A6?lol
> I could help myself i burst out laughing.
> As for the codes,another service mech said either my computer was
> messed up or their computer was incompatible with the car coz the guy
> said he was unable to come with anything,the car is ok.
> I would think that going to the dealership where they claim to have
> mechs that have over 20 yrs of Audi experience,they would at least know
> what a V8Q is and come up with a solution to my problem...ah well i
> left with my 50 bux as they could not charge me.
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