[V8] no start

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 14 19:37:43 PST 2008


Do you mean it is cranking when you hit the key, or there is nothing at all 
but a light in the dash when you hit the key? If I recall you had a problem 
with a connector at the fusebox related to this before. If so, (my mind 
might be playing tricks) you might check there. This does sound like a 
wiring to the starter issue, though.

Tony Hoffman

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> Ok guys, I know I've seen talk of this.
> Here's the senario..
> i have been driving it since 9am today got to town
> turned it off went to class then started it 2 hours
> later then drive for 5 min turned it off then back on
> 5 min later then on and off again after eating and
> skool get home 30 miles drive and shut the car off
> then when i turn the key nothing happens just the cat
> light comes on when cranked but the v8 has been
> running 100% for months now.
> Is this fouled plugs?
> Ron
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