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Audi of America would orphan any car out of warranty if it could.  There
was a V8Q "red carpet" treatment for US owners, when the car was their
Transmission and Instrument Cluster problems "out of the box" and other
major warranty problems turned many owners who bought brand new to steer
towards other high end cars.  I remember when the V8Q's were just out of
warranty, original owners were dumping them for BMW's, Mercedes etc. and
NOT buying another Audi.  When I was looking for V8Q #1 a friend of mine
who was the exotic used car manager for a large dealership did a
search....just about EVERY V8Q available was found at another brand
dealership, they weren't traded in for another Audi.  V8Q #1 was a low
mileage sorted car which was being wholesaled at a BMW dealer, it had
been traded in on a new 180K.
These cars trickle down to the enthusiast (or sadomasochistic) market,
which AofA could care less about.  Many people blame the "unintended
acceleration" BS for their low sales, well, yes it contributed, but I
have the paperwork on just about every Audi I've ever owned (most one
owner cars) and the amount of warranty work is ridiculously high when
compared to MB's or BMW's.  I have a folder about 2 inches thick worth of
warranty work receipts done on my 200TQA, one problem was addressed about
7 times before the dealer evidently gave up or wore out the original
owner (the coolant light fix I have on one of my web pages), NOT really
something someone who shells out the price of 3 or 4 Toyotas @ the time
should be expected to deal with, or want to deal with again.  
Audi should take a lesson from Mercedes , I've posted many an experience
with MB dealers before, Mercedes goes out of it's way to treat it's
customers right, they'll take in ANY car, any year, they'll fix known
problems decades and hundreds of thousands of miles out of warranty.  Is
it any wonder they have such a rabid following among high end buyers,
even when some of their models fall far short of the competition?  
Democracy: 3 wolves and a sheep voting on what's for lunch.

Dag_B=F8sterud?= <dag.boesterud at consulgranada.net> writes:
> Here in Norway, the Audi dealerships have to have special 
> certificates to 
> work with the V8 and A8-models.
> I assume this applies to the rest of the world. My local dealership 
> won't 
> touch my V8, and I won't let them either.
> When they say that the car doesn't exist, how can I trust them to 
> hold a 
> spanner within 30 yards of the thing?
> /Dag
> 92 V8 4.2
> 200 000 miles
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> AoA is covering their butts.  They can't keep techs for five years, 
> let 
> alone 18.  Because I work for a bank doesn't mean I'm up to speed on 
> counterfeit silver certificates...
> Plus, it's practically a guaranteed money loser for them to work on 
> our 
> cars...  I know when I first got mine I learned right quick that the 
> dealer 
> was the last place to go.
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