[V8] Limp mode sort of

cobram at juno.com cobram at juno.com
Tue Jan 15 08:44:49 PST 2008

I had very similar thing happen when I drove through a "puddle", things
did go back to normal after a while on their own, I chalked it up to a
wet tranny harness compounded by a humid Throttle Position Sensor.  Only
difference was that the selector tree would occasionally light up when
stopped in gear.
50 MPH @ 3000RPM, can't see that being a problem.

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 Mike Del Tergo <mdeltergo at hotmail.com> writes:
> Oddity du jour, take the V8 into the mouth of a blizzard for a 300 
> mile biz trip. All is well till 200 miles in, tranny seems hesitant 
> to pick a gear and a bit clunky, I chalk it up to very changing road 
> conditions. On a straight @ roughly 60 MPH I feel the tranny down 
> shift to 3rd and stay there, confirmed by the tach. This happened 
> once before, my tach was not working at the time and I wasn't sure 
> what I was feeling, so I pulled over and checked the tranny fluid to 
> find it down a bit, 1/2 qt later all was fine.I did the same thing 
> here, added 1 pint and all was fine for about 10 miles. (no CEL 
> ever)This time the car dropped to 2nd gear. I put the other 1/2 qt 
> of tranny fluid in and checked for (all well as I could in a 
> blizzard) for signs of catastrophic tranny fluid loss and saw none. 
> Gear selector goes through all gear positions, reverse works fine, 
> forgot to check for a 1/2 upshift. All gears are not lit up on dash, 
> SEM position makes no difference. Only thing I notice is RPMs seem 
> about 50 low at stand still in drive. I should have oppty for a 
> local place to drain and fill tranny in case I over filled, but no 
> way to check for faults etc 300 miles from home in almost noo mans 
> land. Ideas? Should it not fix itself, HA!, safe to drive at 50MPH 
> and 3,0000 RPM for 300 miles?

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