[V8] Oh, and another thing: vile NAC!

Roger Woodbury rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com
Wed Jan 23 10:26:06 PST 2008

Saw another one this morning.  328iX, I think it was.  I followed it all the
way to the traffic light on Main Street.  My initial reaction is that it is
smaller than I thought....maybe too small.

What I read after posting the first comment was that the all wheel drive
system is very basic, and does not offer the smooth control of Quattro,
although it allows for a more "sporty" feeling.  

I am still reading and interested in knowing more, and I really do think
they are better looking than the A4 and A6 Avants...especially the A4 which
looks a bit too much like a dachshund to me....


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not to turn this into the bmw board, but my experiences are as such

1988 528e and 1999 540i.

528e one of the best cars have ever owned.  bought it with about 180K miles,
sold with 225K miles.  owned 2 years.  ONLY money ever spent was 200$ on
front shocks and a t-belt.  easiest t-belt i ever changed.  45 min from
start to beer.  that is ALL i did other then change the oil and other
fluids.  best econ was 38.5 mpg (not using computer to calculate).  YES
38.5.  quick, fun and handled good.

540i, i still own.  bought in may with 100K miles.  have 115K now.  have
done nothing other then changes fluids, filters and plugs, when i first go
it.  best econ, 29 MPG.  worst.  well...with a V8 and a 6 speed and one of
the best factory big car suspensions of all times, BAD.

in short, both have been amazing cars.  i know the 318  was less then...

i have driven the vintage of BMW you speak of and know some folks that own
them.  I have only driven the RWD models.  but the X (AWD) models from those
i know who own them, LOVE them.  my friends have owned audis too.  in short,
they belive the BMW to be more sporty.

i know very little beyond that.

doubt it helps much.  but worth a shout about it.

good luck and i KNOW we will see an epistle on something regarding this
topic in the near future.  of course, I will read with a gallon of coffee in



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PARTING:  1986 Audi 4000 CS quattro

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> Subject: [V8] Oh, and another thing:  vile NAC!
> I saw an interesting looking car down town on Sunday.  Town was very quiet
> and when this car approached down Main Street and turned right onto State
> Street, since I was sitting at the stop light, I got a pretty good look.
> Not looked closely at one before.
> It was a BMW station wagon, and I think the car was perhaps a 02 or 03 BMW
> Three something. 
> All of which got me to thinking.  I have been absolutely DEATH on BMW's
> since my last new one, which was a 1984 318i, which was the worst
> I have ever owned.
> Anyway, this station wagon was actually good looking, I thought.  IT
> look like something designed by a California teenager hyped on Red Bull
> speed, and didn't have that "too long in the Toyota Camry drawing room" of
> the newest models.
> So I thought I would ask the brain trust here, if anyone has any
> with the '02-03 BMW station wagons?  I am especially curious about any
> comments about the IX versions which might be an alternative to an Audi
> Quattro.
> You see, The Old Gray Mare is gathering miles at a furious rate, and
> eventually, I will retire her.  She has 137,000+ and is climbing rapidly
> the rate of more than 20K per year, and she may be near 150k by the time I
> have had her one year.  At 175,000, or 50,000 ACME, I start to shop pretty
> seriously, and anytime approaching 200,000 I will be ready, assuming
> something major doesn't fall off before then...major as in a transmission,
> which I probably won't do on this car.
> Comments, please?
> Roger
> Oh, yes:  ACME = Accumulated Miles Under Me.  It's an automotive testing
> journalists term, doncha know?
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