[V8] V8 radio wiring

Dave Saad dsaad at icehouse.net
Wed Jan 23 18:02:31 PST 2008

I forgot about the antenna amps - maybe they are indeed connected to  
the "antenna" terminal on the head or they may be tied to the other  
switched output - that turns on the speaker amps.  You would have to  
consult the manual I guess to know for sure.

I am quite familiar with amp circuit as mine went bad. The antenna  
output is simply switched 12v from the radio on-off switch. The amp  
output is time delayed.  Mine went bad a few years ago causing the  
amps to turn off when it got hot.  Obviously, this only happened on  
long trips.  I still have four nails in the car to pop out the head  
unit while driving to cool it off! I believe this circuit has  
something to do with the loud crack you get when turning off the  
radio too.  A nasty habit that mine has started doing again...


On Jan 22, 2008, at 10:04 PM, urq wrote:

> ... actually the "power antenna" is standard on all cars.  Most  
> cars do have
> an amplified antenna in each windshield (the dual diversity  
> system), and the
> power to the amplifiers is switched on and off by the head unit.   
> The power
> signal also goes to the warning chime so that you don't exit the  
> car with
> the radio running.  IOW, the wiring will appear to be completely  
> standard.
> On my second car a PO had the retractable antenna installed ... but  
> the
> thing wouldn't retract when the radio was turned off, and the  
> reception
> wasn't that good anyway.  When I went in to install the 10 disc CD  
> changer
> for the Gamma I actually went back to the windshield antennae ...  
> from my
> POV it works better.  Fortunately the coax just goes up the C- 
> Pillar to the
> amplifier between the left side inner trim ... and the power line  
> moved from
> the retractable unit back to the amp ... I did have to fish the  
> wire back up
> the C-pillar, but it wasn't too tough ...
> If you are installing an aftermarket stereo you will need to do  
> something
> about the Bose speakers as well ... I've heard that you can buy an  
> adapter
> to drive the Bose speakers.  Some folks have simply replaced the  
> speaker
> drivers and run heavy gauge wiring to them.
> Steve B
> San Jose, CA (USA)
> -----Original Message-----
> existing wires. The power antenna was an option and is not included
> in the factory wiring - so the odd wire back there is probably it. It
> is often red or blue or white. (no stars though:)
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