[V8] Window regulators

Roger Woodbury rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com
Tue Jul 1 03:40:21 PDT 2008

Way back about the time that Audis were taking over the roads from the
horsedrawn front drive vehicles, I had a neighbor who lived in the next
condo was a pretty savvy lady about cars and machinery and stuff.

Her ex-husband had been a naval captain and they together had had quite a
career, including being naval attaché in some interesting places. But she
had divorced the drunken, abusive sqabbie when he retired, and was now a
piano teacher.  

Well, to be precise, she was a professional pianist who taught concert
piano, and was independently wealthy besides, but I digress.

Anyway, I was infused with BMWillogic, and one day while drinking gin and
tonic on her back deck (which she, my wife and I did a LOT in that one
summer), she told me that her son, the brilliant radiologist from San
Francisco (who eventually got killed by his pusher because he moonlighted as
a drug pusher himself), had told his mother that she really ought to buy one
of those terrific new Audi 5000CS's that were getting such rave reviews.
(Yeah, THAT long ago!).  

Anyway, money being no object, she went and drove the car, and loved the
smooth, quiet way it did what it did, and plunked down the outrageous amount
whatever that was, for the first silver one that the dealer could get.  

Of course, she had ALL the usual problems that they all had in that time.
Including window regulators that would, not with any predictability, thunder
down to the bottom of their tracks with little warning.

Audi replaced window regulators in the front doors of that car about four
times in the first year and a half that she owned it.  They also replaced
front brake discs because they would warp after a few months since almost
all of her driving was in city traffic...dunno if they were UFOs, but they
sure did warp.

We moved to a new house after a year and a half, and I sort of lost track of
that fun lady.  The last I knew, the Audi had gone away and had become one
of the first big Acuras.  

I don't think she ever experienced a window regulator failure with that car.


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