[V8] The last ride By RGW

Bastian Homburg b.homburg at web.de
Tue Jul 1 22:06:18 PDT 2008

putting a 4.2 transmission in a pre-facelift 3.6 is a major undertaking 
and definitely no `pnp` fit. Apart from a few small but crucial 
mechanical differences, the whole electronic control thing is different.
Go 5spd, there you know that you`d be getting something in return for 
all the work :)
I`ve owned a dozen Type44/V8 cars over the course of the last twenty 
years now, and the only transmissions I ever had problems with were the 
auto boxes - these old three-speeds in the Type44 never made it far past 
100k miles in my hands, and from wat I keep reading on the `net about V8 
transmissions isn`t too encouraging , either. The manuals on the other 
hand require(d) a new clutch at a quarter million miles and new fluid 
every ten years or so and that`s about it. The 6spd in the current 4.2  
is at almost 300k km now (half of that being put on it by me) and 
shifting like new and the 6spd in the 3.6 I had before that made it to 
330k km without giving me any grief at all.

> So know I'm contemplating putting one of the 4.2 trans's in....or maybe 5sp'ing the car...not sure. I just may part it...Titan Grey on a BEAUTIFUL Black sport interior....but I'm still in disbelief

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