[V8] The last ride By RGW

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 2 05:51:49 PDT 2008

Bastian, I do not mean to come off as a "know it all"...but I am. 
Putting a 4.2 trans in a 3.6 is a piece of cake! One would have to swap out the trans wireing harness & TCU from the 4.2's to the 3.6's....end of story.
 The 4.2 trans wireing's routed differentley than the 3.6. The 4.2's gets signals that the 3.6's doesn't. So it's just a simple swap.
I was just ranting the fact that I'm not sure I wanna do that. The Auto trans is a BIG PIG!, very unbalanced. & without a lift is very much a hassle.
 Not to mention the wife has been bitching that she wants an Avant again.

 But I'm still in disbaliefe that the trans gave way so early. Car only has 137K & I did a trans service to the car about 2 years ago for the PO of the car. The day it died (Sat) I checked the trans fluid & it was were it was supposed to be, nice clear Red fluid as well. I just do not undertand why it died? But I'm greatfull it died in my driveway.


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> putting a 4.2 transmission in a pre-facelift 3.6 is a major
> undertaking 
> and definitely no `pnp` fit. Apart from a few small but
> crucial 
> mechanical differences, the whole electronic control thing
> is different.
> Go 5spd, there you know that you`d be getting something in
> return for 
> all the work :)
> I`ve owned a dozen Type44/V8 cars over the course of the
> last twenty 
> years now, and the only transmissions I ever had problems
> with were the 
> auto boxes - these old three-speeds in the Type44 never
> made it far past 
> 100k miles in my hands, and from wat I keep reading on the
> `net about V8 
> transmissions isn`t too encouraging , either. The manuals
> on the other 
> hand require(d) a new clutch at a quarter million miles and
> new fluid 
> every ten years or so and that`s about it. The 6spd in the
> current 4.2  
> is at almost 300k km now (half of that being put on it by
> me) and 
> shifting like new and the 6spd in the 3.6 I had before that
> made it to 
> 330k km without giving me any grief at all.
> > So know I'm contemplating putting one of the 4.2
> trans's in....or maybe 5sp'ing the car...not sure.
> I just may part it...Titan Grey on a BEAUTIFUL Black sport
> interior....but I'm still in disbelief
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