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> >> So know I'm contemplating putting one of the
> 4.2 trans's in....or maybe 5sp'ing the car...not
> sure. I just may part it...Titan Grey on a BEAUTIFUL 
> Black sport interior....but I'm still in disbelief
> >
> Ron,
> Sorry to hear about this- don't part an otherwise fine
> V8 just 'cause the autobox took a dump (again?).
>  ALL these auto-boxes will eventually crap out-
> If it's just the TC then thats not hard to fix is it? 
> ya still have to R&R the whole figgen unit however. 

Paul, thanx for the reasuring words :-)
Yes the car was running GREAT! The trans dieing is very much a mystery to me..........
 If it's the Torque converter...which I think it is cause the noise is comming from the trans bellhousing, the easiest way to check would be to pull the motor. Which @ this point in time isn't going to happen. I have my 5sp on jackstands waiting on parts so I can put the 4.2 in her.

> I think we've got a used box sitting in a parts car-
> check with Sean, I know he's trying to get the engine
> out and was going to send the
> slush boxen off to the recycle center and collect whatever
> it's worth. 
> (thats a few hundred pounds of alum and steel- out to be
> worth something, eh)

 Yeah I have a few 4.2 trans's, & will prolly just put one in...but I just can't rite now. But I thank you again for the offer.

> I vote for a 5spd conversion- I've got a spare '91
> 200 tranny and have a line on another one coming out of a
> parts '91 200 here
> in the cities. 
> Also there is an '89 200q (avant) in the local u-pull -
> the V8 with a 5spd ( 3.89:1 - you'll need the rear diff
> and will have to swap the torsen over)
> from that out to see decent hwy fuel milage. The pair would
> be pretty cheap I think around $200. 
> If interested let me know- the local low-rent parts folks
> tend to really fubar the Auid's. The turbos especially
> seem beyond them to remove
> without destroying the rest of the car. In fact I saw
> someone try to remove a K26 from a old 5k with a hammer and
> chisel. He seemed really 
> bummed when I pointed out how much the ( now wrecked)
> titanium nuts cost to replace. The local honda crowd things
> the big K26's are
> a "cheap" fix for what ails their honda
> ricemobiles. 

Yeah I all so have a 200 20v 016 & some of the conversion parts to do so...but again......I just have to many things going on.

> Derrik has time ( now that he's out of school) to help
> pull it if need be and isn't too bad at parts
> procurement at the yard.

 I'd hate to take up any of your boy's time...knowing they have plenty of projects they could be doing instead of helping me out.

> > Sorry for the rant.
> >
> No Problem- I get to hear Sean rant about the  "white
> car" Daily.
> > Ron
> >
> Best regards,
> Paul R. Cole
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 Yeah I hate to see my ol Pearl beast in the condition it's in. The looser I sold the car to really destroyed it in the 2 months he owned it. 
 But again I apprectiate the good words, ect........



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