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Scott, Comments inserted below.........

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> Ron
> Noticed your comment regarding swapping the 3.6 ecu/harness
> into 4.2  for 
> more HP.  More hp than the ABT 4.2 chip?

 Were did you get a 4.2 ABT chip?

> The other
> question I  would have is 
> that the 4.2 autobox motronic uses the WOT switch 
> potentiometer for calculation 
> of load in shifting.  I always  considered that a good
> thing, and would make 
> me believe that if using the 3.6  auto on a 4.2 auto,
> you'd need to also swap 
> the transmission motronic over to  the 3.6.  Yes?

 Yes true the 4.2's TCU gets a signal from the WOT as I mentioned earlier. But if you use the 3.6 TCU & wiring the 4.2 trans will resort to the 3.6's TCU paramaters.

> After my
> recent re-education 
> on the 4.2 motronic, I'd  be more inclined to put the
> 3.6 chip code into the 
> 4.2 motronic, as there are  some good redundancies in the
> 4.2 ecu/harness the 
> 3.6 doesn't have.
> Scott J
> 92 v8 4.2 auto w/ Abt chip
> ex2ex
> 91 v8 3.6 auto stock (ex-Abt chipped ecu/trans ecu mounted
> to ecu  bracket - 
> for sale)

I remember all the nagging I had to do to pull these bits of info from the master (in his own mind..aka Keith ;-) & sure as shit I could feel a difference.
 I've done the 3.6 ECU/wiring swaps to a few listers 4.2's & they are satisfied. But they are all so now running the ABT chip for the 3.6 cars. As far as the TCU swap...... I have never tried the TCU swap... but I'll find out for sure when I do. 
 I trust Keith not to BS me too much ;-)

 All so, let me know if you still want that door handle & cable. I can send it off to you & just GTG with you when you make it out this way. I all so have the rear deck lid waiting for you.

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> >...
> All so FYI, if you swap out the 4.2 ECU & wiring 
> harness to a 3.6's you'll 
> get more HP.
> The 3.6 ECU is mapped more  aggressively than the
> 4.2's.
> All so found under the driver side knee  bolster &
> routed under the 
> firewall/rain deverter. Four coastal  connectors, &
> only 3 for the standard  cars.
> >...
> Ron
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