[V8] Stebro

D Morralee superdaveski at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 9 10:38:10 PDT 2008

Have you every had one of those days that something just goes click , well I was at an Audi gathering and bumped into a guy I've met before . This guy works for a place called Stebro which is about 20 mins from my house. CLICK … Now I've heard of this product before because some of the V8ers bought their product . So next year I'm going to put Stebro on my car 4 sure. 
I finally got the rad fan working , after doing all the test I figured out that the fusible link contact points needed to be cleaned …. Everything works fine now . Did another road speed test , wow scary how fast these cars can go !! 
Next job is to figure out how to fix the misaligned sunroof . ( the sunroof is misaligned latterly R rear & L rear corners ) 
Interesting STEBRO V8 article http://www.clarity.net/~paul/audi/stebro/
Cheers superdave 93V84.2 

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