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hey guys , this is a translated article from a German Audi V8 site .... it's not perfect , but I still think you will find it interesting , cheers superdave . 
a bit long
At the end of of 1988 tried to establish AUDI with the top model AUDI V8 for the first time a vehicle in the upper class. The AUDI 200 had already introduced this development in the type 43. That far refined five-cylinder turbo engine had quite its attraction, however for the purchase decision of a 100.000DM expensive sedan was it at the cylinder-counting buyer parliamentary group not prestigiously enough. Already 1984 began AUDI with the development of the own eight-cylinder. Already in early magazines the exact capacity could be called. It was gemunkeltt that as basis engine of the 1.8l 16V four-cylinder from the gulf GTI was used and the engine would come into V-building method with 90°C-Zylinderwinkel on a capacity of 3.6l. The name for Audis flag ship was certain apparently: AUDI 300. AUDI surprised the public with the salient front, which remained withholding from the press up to the conclusion. The model number " 300" AUDI was probably not meaningful enough. Thus one decided for the model designation " V8" , which showed free of doubts, what is in the new upper class of AUDI. There was the AUDI V8 at the end of of 1988 in a basic version for DM 102,000 ( $49000usd ), -. For this surely proud price all equipment characteristics were however already contained, which constituted an upper class at that time. All-wheel drive, mechanism, ABS, safety system, four window lifters, seat heating procon ten in front, power steering and broad tire on aluminum rim 7,5x15" , Upholstery with leather or pure wool (Wollcord), a sound system, climatic mechanism. When the AUDI V8 came on the market, it was smiled at by other automakers and first of all by the technical literature. At that time AUDI did not embody yet the image today. It was even whispered that the car had been only developed, so that the executive committee floor of VOLKSWAGEN can move forward adequat. This was naturally nonsense. Because the V8 should become for the mark AUDI a milestone. The image question was Problemti: AUDI had known its conventional man image in the 80's despite quattro not completely placings. So it had the AUDI V8 heavily. Only 21,000 buyers found all-wheel-propelled until Interest in this exciting all-wheel-propelled sedan. Had " nevertheless; the other kind of the Ansehens" with AUDI a new era eingeleutet. The AUDI V8 stood with many future models godfather. Begun with the front, which may carry today all models, up to the precise processing and the high reliability. And without the AUDI V8 it would surely not have given today the class of Audis, which one notices today as natural. The progress particularly clarifies itself, if one considers, with which automarks AUDI before 20 years in a breath was called and today.The AUDI V8 is it somewhat special - there itself those, which can call the AUDI V8 their own or it already once drove, are united! For the fans of the AUDI V8 embodied hardly another car from the last years the perfect symbiosis from noblen Understatement and pure luxury. And if one reads today some automagazines from the late 80's and throws a view on the other vehicles from this time, then one knows also why. The V8 was its time ahead. And although the body with its clear alignment descends in general terms from 1983 (AUDI 100), works today still timeless and modern. This becomes particularly clear when browsing in the gallery. This homepage is to now point out, what the AUDI V8 is today and was in former times. The first upper class of AUDI. A Meileinstein like the legendary AUDI quattro. Also it is to help AUDI V8-Fahrern, which very complex vehicle too (it) hold, to maintain and naturally also enjoy.
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