[V8] V8 Classic Line for sale

cobram at juno.com cobram at juno.com
Wed Jul 16 10:39:20 PDT 2008

V8's with different convenience options, transmission or engine
configurations were the norm in Euroland, here in the US you had maybe 1
or 2 options, period.  The two rarer options on non-US V8Q's were the
adjustable electric rear seat and hydraulic suspension.  A few years ago
there was a seller in Germany who started to specialize in used V8Q's,
evidently they ALL went to Russia and former Soviet protectorates in one
fell swoop.  From seeing some of the configurations that were available,
there is something to be said for standardizing a companies flagship.

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Bastian Homburg <b.homburg at web.de> writes:
> that is NOT a "classic line" but rather an individually spec'ced 
> car.
> Classic line cars ALWAYS had the Connolly seats with the piping in a 
> different color (also on the door trim) as well as a leather 
> headliner 
> (no Alcantara). There`s more - see the sales brochure here: 
> http://www.audiv8.com/german/brochures/classicline.html. Anything 
> else 
> is NOT a "classic line". For a price, customers could get their V8s 
> highly individualized if they so desired.
> I`d only pay a premium for this car if the original invoice shows 
> the 
> "classic line" package.
> But rare it is indeed. That`s only the fourth or so car with the 
> "pinotrot" interior color I`ve ever seen in more than a decade.

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