[V8] V8 Classic Line for sale

Bastian Homburg b.homburg at web.de
Wed Jul 16 22:32:20 PDT 2008

German automakers traditionally offered their products with a 
comparatively basic standard equipment level and a looong options list 
(and still do so but to a lesser extent). The V8 was an exceptionally 
well equipped offering in its day - in Europe, you had to pay extra for 
power windows and air conditioning on a $50k Mercedes S-class back then!
And the hydraulic load-leveling suspension actually was a pretty popular 
option - I`d say about 20 percent of German V8s have it, as it was 
mandatorily sold along with the towing package.

cobram at juno.com wrote:
> V8's with different convenience options, transmission or engine
> configurations were the norm in Euroland, here in the US you had maybe 1
> or 2 options, period.  The two rarer options on non-US V8Q's were the
> adjustable electric rear seat and hydraulic suspension.  A few years ago
> there was a seller in Germany who started to specialize in used V8Q's,
> evidently they ALL went to Russia and former Soviet protectorates in one
> fell swoop.  From seeing some of the configurations that were available,
> there is something to be said for standardizing a companies flagship.

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