[V8] DaveC's V8 5-speed FS

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 21 16:48:22 PDT 2008

If you have seen the car in person, and driven it as I have, you would NOT 
think $10K was even close to unreasonable. It is by far the nicest V8 
overall I've ever seen/driven. I worked at an Audi dealer detailing from 
95-98, so I've seen quite a few ;-)

Tony Hoffman, wishing he had a lot more $$ laying around!!

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From: "Kent McLean" <kentmclean at comcast.net>
Subject: Re: [V8] DaveC's V8 5-speed FS

> My first thought was, that's crazy money. Then I read all that have
> been done to it, then thought $5K isn't a bad price, but in spite
> of what has been spent, $10K is pushing it. And then wished I hadn't
> bought my A4 7 months ago.
> Good luck with the sale.
> Kent McLean 

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