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Bastian Homburg b.homburg at web.de
Sun Jul 27 01:59:29 PDT 2008

If you don`t have a trans fluid dipstick, get one at your Audi dealer. 
Part number is 018321431D, and it should still cost less than $20. I`d 
strongly discourage anyone from just adding fluid without measuring the 
exact amount that`s missing, as you run the risk of overfilling the 
transmission which is just as bad as a too low level.
In order to show the correct fluid level, the ATF needs to be at 
operating temperature (80degrees Celsius). Drive the car around for ~8 
miles from cold, that should do the trick.
Park on a level surface, *leave the engine running* at idle speed and 
put the shift lever through all positions once or twice, then into “N” 
or “P”. Then use the dickstip.
The ATF level on the dipstick must be somewhere between the “min” and 
“max” markings, with the difference between 'min.' and 'max.' being 0.6 
liters (that`s 20 oz. for you Americans) only.
You use the filler tube (that contains the dipstick in early cars and a 
plug in most models) to top up the fluid level.

Rolando Reyes wrote:
> I want to say that my transmission is leaking from a hose, and want to add
> more fluid. My question is how much trans fluid does it hold and where do I
> put it?
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