[V8] Starter or switch?

Stafford, Kenneth A. stafford at WPI.EDU
Tue Jul 29 05:24:36 PDT 2008

george.fallot at verizon.net wrote:
> HI,I recently noticed that the starter does not engage at times.
>    It seems that I don't turn the key far enough.It has always
> started on the second or third time I turn the key. I replaced the
> starter last winter, so I am leaning towards the switch being bad
> not the solenoid.

I experienced a similar symptom a couple years ago--rebuilt starter with new solenoid.  After about a year of normal ops, I started getting a "click" but only occasional turn over.  I considered faulty ignition switch, transmission switch, and high impedance through battery cables.  Turned out upon my detailed forensic inspection that there were two problems: 1) the rebuilt starter had an incorrect length kick-in lever bearing bracket, and 2) the new solenoid had a defective contact inside. I was able to take old parts from my old starter and rebuild the rebuilt--been working like a champ since.  So...just because it was "new", I wouldn't rule out the starter/solenoid!

'91 V8Q 210K
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