[V8] Couple of questions/funny picture

toml99 at todomundo.com toml99 at todomundo.com
Tue Jul 29 22:23:58 PDT 2008

Hey, well I finally dug into the "deal of the century" pearl '93 just  
to get the hydraulic pump in to test drive and see if it's worthy to  
hemorage time and money.   I thru in the "new" hydraulic pump(thanks  
ron) today.....beat me to death trying to get at all 4 rear bolts,  
till I looked at the picture again, and it seemed to tell me "just  
the center two"....didn't know till I verified, that the spare  
serpentine belt for my 3.6 won't fit.  Looks like the rack is  
probably the major leak that caused the pump to seize and snap the  
shaft....Since there was a pile of brass shavings in the intake hole 
(pump to reservoir)...I'll assume it's elsewhere.  Question 1..Is  
there a filter and where is it located?  Should I try and flush some  
of the lines before connecting to the pump?  The other thing was the  
brake reservoir was also empty.  I'm still not completely clear how  
the hydraulic "assist" works, but seemed noteworthy that they were  
both empty.  No apparent leaks at the wheels.  Underside is quite wet  
from the rack back, and I hope when I fill it back up, it doesn't  
just hose out the rack.....Car starts and runs immaculate(even with  
the issue related to the picture).  Just want to drive it a bit and  
see what else is wrong before I decide what to do with it.  Question  
#2....Where are the block coolant drain's located?  Car still has  
green coolant in it, and it's been in there for a few years at least,  
and I want to drain it and book says to drain the blocks, and even  
shows an arrow to a meaningless pic to me.   When I bought the car  
and drove it onto the dolley, a mouse ran out of the engine  
compartment......the pic shows where he was living....Sincerely Tom

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