[V8] Time for one of my 90's to go

Karl Middlebrooks benzeenprophet at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 30 15:07:20 PDT 2008

I left this one parked for about 4 months, and now it won't start. Symptoms are that with the battery charged, when I start the car, the tach revs up to about 2000 rpms or so, but I hear nothing. No attempt to turn over or anything.
I'm moving back to Texas in about a week, and have about no interest in trailering this '90 there just to end up parting it out or something. 
It's a 1990 Titan Grey with Black leather comfort interior, about 143k miles on it, located in Portland, OR. I didn't own it all that long (since late 2006), but here's what I know about it in the time that I owned it:
I had new steering pump, rack, and all that installed at Marque Motors in Portland; they also drained and replaced the transmission fluid. A new radiator was installed in a shop in Seattle.
No stereo head in it; the PO replaced the rear deck speakers, but I believe the front door speakers are the originals.
Glass is good except for the windshield, which has two rock-based cracks in it. Glove box is coming apart, but I have a replacement for it that'll go with it. Sunroof doesn't work and I'm not sure why; I put a good motor in it, but never did much troubleshooting on it after that. Headliner is coming down in the rear, but is tacked up right now. Leather seats are in remarkably good condition, and to the best of my knowledge all the seat heaters work. AC needs a recharge. 
Pics available at: 
If someone on the list wanted it and could come tow it away by August 3rd, I'd let it go for $750. Too many projects, and I can't take 'em all with me....
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