[V8] Extra '90 V8 up for grabs

Lanier Pratt lanierpratt at mac.com
Wed Jul 30 18:37:54 PDT 2008

Ok guys, my little parts car has sat long enough. As stated above it's a 1990 V8 Quattro, pearl with grey interior. I would describe the seats as more of a sport design with the bolsters as opposed to the comfort seats. Decent shape with a little rust here and there. Rear passenger tail light has been removed and now rides in my '92. 

Now the down side. I got the car in non-running condition. The guy that I bought it from (who is a self-described audi nut-12 Audis to be exact) said that he was driving down the road and he blew the main coolant hose between the engine and heater core. He said he parked it and flat bedded it home and hadn't started it since. I bought it as a parts car and have since pulled the rear seats and they're sitting in my garage. They can be put back if requested. 

Now the price. I bought it for $800 and would love to get close to that. Let me know if any of you guys are interested or if you want some expensive parts that will help me get my Franklins back. I can send pictures if requested. 

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