[V8] On the end of the V8 because of fuel....

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 08:52:51 PDT 2008

Apples and oranges... an irrelevant comparison.

On 6/4/08, Bastian Preindl <bastian at preindl.net> wrote:
> Hi people,
> to be honest, it's somewhat a great fun for me to see also the US inhabs
> to struggle cause of the fuel prices. Since decades we Europeans
> jealously watched the US prices staying more or less still while our's
> raised and raised and raised.
> Anyways, it's ridiculous to complain about your current prices - we
> (middle Europe including Austria, Germany and Denmark) pay approx. 2,3
> USD for 95OCT fuel, per LITER, not per gallon. And at least in Austria
> we've to add 2500 USD every year for taxes and insurance. But our income
> isn't really higher than yours.
> So what?
> Bastian
> Tim Hollister schrieb:
> > Oh to see $3.95 again... $4.25 here for regular, not mid or premium.. btw my car takes premium at a paltry $4.45/gal
> >
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