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Wed Jun 4 09:22:40 PDT 2008

I think that one other issue that may be missed is that far too many people are far too stressed financially in the country.  If a fairly young couple with a couple of children bought or worse still, leased an Explorer or disasterously, a Yukon a couple of years ago, they are now totally upside down in a vehicle that costs twice as much per trip as it did when they bought it.  At a time when the economy is down, they may siimply have insufficient income to make ends meet.

I think the V8 engine is a done beast, which was one of the major reasons why I decided that I would buy one more now.  My miles will drop, and even with the increase in the price of fuel, the V8 is not going to be a burden because the cost of the vehicle was so low as to be laughable in comparison to, say a Prius whose two times the fuel mileage would NEVER pay for the difference in acquisition costs.

An insurance company road man with whom I was friendly years ago always used his own car whenever he had to leave the office.  His car was an older Lincoln Town Car.  I asked him about his fuel mileage, and he said that he got around nine miles per gallon or so from the beast.  When I asked him about the cost of fuel, he merely said that the cost of gasoline even at 25,000 miles per year, didn't come close to the cost of a new car AND the gasoline that it would use.

The only people who are really being hurt by this spike in gas prices are people who have cars that are mostly owned by the finance company, because the finance charges and costs of collision and comprehensive insurance plus excise taxes feel like open wounds that $4 gasoline rubs salt into.

---- Bastian Preindl <bastian at preindl.net> wrote: 
> Hi people,
> to be honest, it's somewhat a great fun for me to see also the US inhabs 
> to struggle cause of the fuel prices. Since decades we Europeans 
> jealously watched the US prices staying more or less still while our's 
> raised and raised and raised.
> Anyways, it's ridiculous to complain about your current prices - we 
> (middle Europe including Austria, Germany and Denmark) pay approx. 2,3 
> USD for 95OCT fuel, per LITER, not per gallon. And at least in Austria 
> we've to add 2500 USD every year for taxes and insurance. But our income 
> isn't really higher than yours.
> So what?
> Bastian
> Tim Hollister schrieb:
> > Oh to see $3.95 again... $4.25 here for regular, not mid or premium.. btw my car takes premium at a paltry $4.45/gal
> >   

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