[V8] "Deal of the Century" pics

toml99 at todomundo.com toml99 at todomundo.com
Wed Jun 18 23:08:42 PDT 2008

Hey, well I'm not sure it's the deal of the century as much as the  
boat of the century(Bring On Another Thousand), but it's either a  
nice parts care, or I'm committed to it.  Hosed it down while on the  
dolley(able to get underneath which was worth the price of the  
dolley) and it's had a lot of recent bushing stuff done/suspension/ 
ebrake cable, and a recently discussed proportioner valve/lever  
whatever.   Brake reservoir/hydraulic empty.  GREEN coolant almost  
empty.  Hydraulic pump seized and pulley shaft sheared of just inside 
(is that still a "core").   Front brake's not ufo(not sure if that's  
a 93 thing or not).....Starts and runs great...smoked and rattled on  
first fire, and now just starts great/no smoke.  The last thing I  
need is something else to throw money at, but it's by far the nicest  
$500 car I've ever bought and , barring any major motor/tranny  
problems, I will get it back on the road.  Only body issue is front  
grill is cracked(epoxyable), and rear bumper has a hole in it/ and  
I'm assuming the water came  into cab from the passenger window  
which  was 1/4 " down when I got it/ and it's been raining like  
dogs,   I'd have to qualify this as the best used car i've bought  
ever....More Later....hope this wprks(photo thing


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