[V8] DOTC / bushings

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 19 18:51:39 PDT 2008

One thing to remember whenever doing control arm bushings on ANY car is 

Always do the final torque with the suspension in the normal (resting) 
position. Otherwise, they will go past their designed flex point, and fail 
VERY quickly. I pull mine onto ramps to do this part, but it can also be 
done by measuring before and using a jackstand to hold the CA up while 
tightening. Close is better than the alternative, but I like to be right at 
the standard ride height.

Tony Hoffman

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Subject: [V8] DOTC / bushings

>I second Ed's sentiments and his congrats!  Having just put my car back
> on the ground last night after 4 days on a lift (including time for
> random last minute parts procurement) installing all new subframe
> bushings and control arm bushings, front and rear (along with
> overhauling the rear brake system), lemme just say holy effing crud...
> what a difference.   I barely shifted out of 1st before exclaiming out
> loud to myself, "whoa".    And truth told, I was a bit surprised because
> none of the old bushings looked all *that* bad...
> So given the dollars and sweat needed to do the job, any car that's had
> that stuff done recently is, in my book, worth resurrecting!  The other
> issues are minor stuff that most any V8 owner will have to do at one
> point or another -- sometimes twice.  (Better now than at a rest area
> parking lot 3 states away...)
> -davec. 

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