[V8] Hard work pays off

D Morralee superdaveski at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 30 07:56:10 PDT 2008

rambling message ..
Well a couple of weeks ago I finally got my 93 V8 4.2 licensed for the road. Last year I completed a large job(s) taking the heads off , doing the valve seals , lapping the valves and replacing all gaskets and seals. The timing belt , rollers, surf belt , oil bearings, water pump , seal and gaskets and rad replacement . I've been taking it on test drives and it has preformed wonderfully . Wow after driving my 87 5000 CD qt all winter and some of the spring this is total luxury driving the V8 again ! Now I would never put down a car that was able to get me to the ski hill no matter how much snow was on the road. One storm I was the first one on my road and there was 52 cm of fresh snow !!! ( 21" ) Putting the Trans in S, boy does she go ... right up around 6k and then changes gear smoothly ( I think the guy that I passed in BMW was wondering what the heck that was ) What is nice now other drivers say " wow an Audi V8 ", they don't say " hey your car is smokin ".
One problem that I'm working on is when the car get past 100 c the first stage fan doesn't come on . I have a really good write up from Keith or Scott from Boston on this . G82 & G83 both are working correctly when I do a ohms test at 22c they are both at 360 ohms. The Rad fan fuse is good. This week some time I'm going to get a 100 resistor and plug that into female part of the wiring for the G82 . This test will insure that the rad fan actually works …. I did an out put test a few years ago and the fan worked in all 3 speeds . 
To all Canadians have a great Canada Day tomorrow and to the US have a good July 4th. Superdave Ottawa 
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