[V8] The last ride By RGW

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 30 18:09:52 PDT 2008

Well the trans in the wife's 90 V8 died. I have no idea why....but @ least the car got me home. 
 I was @ a friends house putting on a new exhaust Sat. Dynomax center muffler to 2 1/2" straight pipes out the rear. Fit it in there...made a few hangers, welded them up & it fit 1st try! So to celebrate we took the car down the road to the packy. I noticed the car shifted into second with a THUD...but shifted in the other gears fine. So I left...mind you from my friends house to mine it's prolly 1....1 1/4hrs....no issues or weirdness. I get off the ex to get to my house, it's like 1:30AM...ST are vacant....so I take the Left, get into the lane & stop. I turn the radio off, put it in Sport mode & punch it. Every thing's going fine till I get to 3rd...but instead of shifting in the RPM's still climb so I get off it a bit & I feel the car shift. So I continue on....the next thing I know I'm doing 6,000RPM & only going 20MPH! & the MPH is decreasing...not going up. So @ this point I'm like 1minute away from my house & I coaxed it in the driveway.

 Weird how the trans...or what I think is the Torque converter failed.....but I have no idea how this could have happened???? I just serviced the trans about 2years ago, new fluid, strainer, pan gasket, ect.....I even checked the trans fluid before I left Sat & it was were it was supposed to be & still very Red. The car's only got 137K.
 So know I'm contemplating putting one of the 4.2 trans's in....or maybe 5sp'ing the car...not sure. I just may part it...Titan Grey on a BEAUTIFUL Black sport interior....but I'm still in disbelief

 Sorry for the rant.



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