[V8] Hard work pays off

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
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One thing to check on the fan issue is the relay that runs them.It is 
mounted to the back of the instrument cluster. On Zay's car, he would have 
the temp guage fail and that at the same time. I worked on another where jus 
the relay didn't work, though.

Tony Hoffman

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One problem that I'm working on is when the car get past 100 c the first 
stage fan doesn't come on . I have a really good write up from Keith or 
Scott from Boston on this . G82 & G83 both are working correctly when I do a 
ohms test at 22c they are both at 360 ohms. The Rad fan fuse is good. This 
week some time I'm going to get a 100 resistor and plug that into female 
part of the wiring for the G82 . This test will insure that the rad fan 
actually works …. I did an out put test a few years ago and the fan worked 
in all 3 speeds .
To all Canadians have a great Canada Day tomorrow and to the US have a good 
July 4th. Superdave Ottawa 

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