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I remember when you picked that one up, Bill. I believe it was just before the Monterey Historics in '99, no?

Ingo Rautenberg

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Hi fellow V8ers...been a long time since I visited.  3 years to be precise, since I bought my A8.  Hope this finds all the regulars well.
So, the reason for my visit is that I am finally selling the V8 5spd.  Some of you may recall that I have one of the original 1990 V8 5spds.  One of the earliest here in the states I believe.
The car is a titanium exterior with grey leather sports seats.  The original stereo and blose speakers were replaced with a blaupunkt stereo, eclispe amp and high end speakers.  It also has a clifford alarm system which automatically opens the door locks.  Upgraded to the AVI ultranator at the same time.  
I know Steve Buchholtz and others disagreed with me when I did it, but I replaced the UFO's with the standard brakes from the 200.  I always liked the fact they didn't warp or throb like the UFO's and I never noticed any significant diminishment in breaking capacity, but I defer to others on that issue.
Original engine was replaced with a factory new one at around 120k, not sure the mileage on it now (speedo replaced so I have some calculating to do), but it has had one TB replacement on the new engine at about 60k.  My sister drove it last (a few months back) and she noted a couple issues:  (i) idle was uneven; and (ii) starter occasionally spins suggesting a couple of teeth are missing on the ring gear.  Headliner was starting to droop in spots.  Drivers seat heater not working.  Now I see my sister broke the lens on one of the front turn signals.  I'm sure there are more issues as it is an 18 year old car, bu the point is the car is fundamentally sound and was used by my sister as a daily driver up to a few months ago, when she decided to go green and get a Highlander Hybrid once her divorce was final.  It is priced accordingly.
Anyways, if anyone is interested let me know.  As a reminder, I'm in the SF Bay Area....I'm also going to check in with Steve Nechodom in Berkeley to see if he or his posse of V8 owners are interested.  Ping me if you want further info.
Bill G.  
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