[V8] Raced an R8...and lost/wierdness in Utah

Scott Simmons indischrot at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 20:24:07 PDT 2008

While I'm not sure all cars have them, I know all of the ones I've owned 

It's the "Make you go crazy" seal and it is very picky about when it 
leaks.  It's in a different spot on each car and sometimes a vehicle 
will have more than one.

Always helpful,
Scott S.

toml99 at todomundo.com wrote:

>Well, it was my guess that it was either elevation related(Snowbird  
>is 7800 and the car used to drive over Teton pass constantly and it  
>is 10000 and 10%) or load related(those utah people assume 50 is 75  
>and drive accordingly.....some of the fastest rush hour driving I've  
>ever encountered) and just prior to pulling over, I had been doing 70  
>up the 6% pass with a guy in a denali about 5 feet from my rear  
>bumper most of the way.....but the magic question is what seal might  
>have spewed....I asked the tech if the "oil retention valve" could be  
>the culprit, and he said "not right now it's not".....and yes it was  
>engine oil as I had to add 2 quarts to get it to show on the  
>dipstick.  My first assumption was it was tranny oil, as I had just  
>done the flush/filter, but it's clear red now, and it engine oil.  I  
>just got back last night, and might get the chance to change the oil  
>tomorrow and see what I see.  Sincerely Tom
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