[V8] Raced an R8...and lost/wierdness in Utah

Paul Jager pjager at telus.net
Tue Mar 18 01:50:51 PDT 2008

Increased pressure on the heads (flooring it)at max oil pressure caused the
head to lift allowing the oil passage at the rear back to blow some oil out
onto the exhaust.

I get the same thing climbing hills - max torque and at the end of the
ascent, she's smokin' like nev'r before.

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Hey everyone, well I just got back from a roadtrip to Utah and back
(thankfully).  First off, was coming down I-80 from Park City to Salt
Lake and saw those "cat-like" LED headlights coming up on me....the
guy gets right next to me and waves/salutes.  So feeling like a
teenager, I put it in Sport mode and floored it.....he gives me a few
second head start, then blows by me like I'm not moving, all the
while emitting a really cool sound...Looked like he was about 30 or
so, and since the Idaho Powerball was up to $275million, yes I bought
some tickets....
Now to the wierdness...I was heading up to Snowbird and when I got to
the parking lot, I thought my car was on fire.  Looked underneath and
the whole underside of the car was wet with oil, and was burning on
both pipes/cats.  After skiing, I went to the maintenance shed and
was hoping they'd let me pull it in on their unused oil change pit
and see if I could see where it was coming from.....It was friday and
I was supposed to head home on Sun.  No amount of pleading/bribing
could get them to sway, but they did give me the 2 quarts to get me
down the hill.  The car previously didn't leak a drop.   Dealer
service was open on Sat in Orem, and after cleaning the entire thing,
head tech had it up on the hoist running/revving/shifting for 2 hours
and not a drop leaked.  He had no idea where it came from and has not
leaked in the 1000 miles since.  It was totally worth the $100 just
to have the entire bottom cleaned.  It came from the Left side.  The
oil pressure sending unit(rt side) has been wet since I got the car @
52K(now has 105K) and I got it in 03 to answer the other post and is
definatly not the culprit.  Both distributors/round cover on right w/
3 nuts I did 6 months ago.....The rear main seal has a tiny drip, but
not enough to even leave a spot on the ground.  Any ideas?...Also,
the heater fan started intermittently working(tech guessed brushes in
the fan motor).  Then in Idaho on return trip, I was fishing in a
deep canyon(where I was 1 of 3 cars all day) the car didn't start.
Seemed like no fuel issue. No phone service/people and it was getting
late.  Blinked out the codes and there were none(had the book).
Finally I remembered hearing that a loose gas cap on my diesel truck
can cause a no start, and sure enough it was loose(convinced a
survivalist snuck up and siphoned)....and it sparked right up.  And
after 3 years of perfectly working new front rotors, the shake's
back.  Does all this make me a little nervous....yes.  Will I ever
consider getting rid it....absolutly not.  With all the new front
suspension/tune-up parts...it was the smoothest/most comfortable 1000
miles I've ever done....Sincerely Tom
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