[V8] sanity check, what, from a V8Q owner?

Scott Simmons indischrot at gmail.com
Sun Mar 23 13:23:00 PDT 2008

FOUR CYCLE?!??  But all those A4 guys run TWO CYCLE oil!!!!

LOL, my mistake.  Yes, you are correct sir!

urq wrote:

>No.  On a given engine you would expect little to any mileage benefit from a
>sequential EFI system over a batch system ... the number of injectors firing
>simultaneously really doesn't have any significant impact on fuel economy.
>If all cylinders were the same and the intake charge was identical then all
>cylinders would need the exact same amount of fuel and there would be
>nothing to be gained in terms of fuel economy.  The fuel injected by the
>injectors all ends up getting sucked into the cylinder and burned, it can't
>go anywhere else.  Where a sequential system shines is that it can meter
>fuel to each cylinder based on the operating parameters of that cylinder ...
>modern ECUs and OXS' have the bandwidth to validate the exhaust from each
>cylinder and make compensation on a cylinder basis.  That said, I bet that
>many sequential systems don't even try to match the valve timing ... 
>... minor point ... the V8 engine is a 4-stroke motor, so it actually takes
>two times around for all 8 to get a power stroke ... 
>Steve B
>San José, CA (USA)
>-----Original Message-----
>If only 2 injectors are firing, surely we'd get better gas mileage??  
>The 944 batch fires 4 cylinders twice a revolution and still manages 
>around 25-30 mpg.  The V8q fires... yup.. 8 times a revolution.  Two per 
>90º, so yeah, bad gas mileage. 
>I think someone out there has done stand-alone engine management?  
>Anyone worked up sequential?  I know guys in the 944 world have.  
>Sequential gas mileage would (in theory) double mpg?
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