[V8] Exhaust note

Dave Saad dsaad at icehouse.net
Thu May 1 21:01:29 PDT 2008

To tell the truth, I usually don't want to hear the exhaust noise on  
any car that I have to drive for more than 30 seconds. Induction  
noise on the other hand - there is nothing like the wild scream these  
engines make with an un-muffled intake.  I am sure you could suck  
squirrels right out of the trees at 6K RPM.  Even better than taking  
the air cleaner off Dads 1968 GMC pickup when I was a kid.  Boy -  
that brings back memories. Like commonly going through 10 gallons of  
gas in one night. I have to admit, a 327 with a Rochester "quadrapig"  
carb and "three on the tree" transmission was almost all you needed  
for some big fun!! (just add beer and girl, or just beer)

Last summer when I rebuilt my motor, I did take it out for a short  
drive with just the headers and no air cleaner.  The neighbors  
weren't that impressed but I sure had fun :-)


On May 1, 2008, at 5:35 PM, Mike Del Tergo wrote:

> Lots of past discussion on what pipes to run.  Anyone ever run  
> without their air cleaner cover?
> Had to make a quick run with mine off as I was in the middle of an  
> air filter swap when I was called out.
> That is a great noise when stomped  on and no cover!
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