[V8] Exhaust note

cobram at juno.com cobram at juno.com
Thu May 1 21:14:39 PDT 2008

I haven't run an air intake housing in over a decade.  The filter stays
in place without it, and after my U-V8Q incident I prefer the intake as
far above the "water line" as possible too.  Mileage does suffer, but
only due to uncontrollable foot to throttle application.  Worth every
penny to me, YMMV of course.

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Dave Saad <dsaad at icehouse.net> writes:
> To tell the truth, I usually don't want to hear the exhaust noise on  
> any car that I have to drive for more than 30 seconds. Induction  
> noise on the other hand - there is nothing like the wild scream 
> these  
> engines make with an un-muffled intake.  I am sure you could suck  
> squirrels right out of the trees at 6K RPM.  Even better than taking 
> the air cleaner off Dads 1968 GMC pickup when I was a kid.  Boy -  
> that brings back memories. Like commonly going through 10 gallons of 
> gas in one night. I have to admit, a 327 with a Rochester 
> "quadrapig"  
> carb and "three on the tree" transmission was almost all you needed  
> for some big fun!! (just add beer and girl, or just beer)
> Last summer when I rebuilt my motor, I did take it out for a short  
> drive with just the headers and no air cleaner.  The neighbors  
> weren't that impressed but I sure had fun :-)
> Dave
Mike Del Tergo wrote:
> >
> > Lots of past discussion on what pipes to run.  Anyone ever run  
> > without their air cleaner cover?
> > Had to make a quick run with mine off as I was in the middle of an 
> > air filter swap when I was called out.
> > That is a great noise when stomped  on and no cover!

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