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Bob Tomkins is a member of the list so I thought I'd forward your note.  It
is good to know that he and his family survived!  Please let us know if
there's anything he needs.

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

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Hi everyone,

I recently learned that a local V8 Quattro owner(Bob Tompkins) was one of
the people affected by the tornado in Suffolk, VA. Bob was inside the house
when it hit and was thrown 100 yards landing in a pile of debris. He has
broken ribs, a punctured lung, a broken hand, multiple cuts, bruises, etc.
but says that he will be OK and feels extremely grateful to be alive. He is
being released from the hospital today. His wife Annette is coping very
well. Our prayers are with him and his family and all of the people who
suffered loss due to this incredible force of nature. 

I have some pictures that I will post soon that show the foundation where
the house once stood. The tornado cleared the foundation. The lone survivor
in the driveway is his '92 V8 Quattro. The GMC truck that was parked next to
the Audi took the brunt of the damage and probably spared the Audi. The V8
will drive away once we have keys made. It suffered a broken window, rear
windshield, and scratches- all superficial damage. I guess that we can add
"tornado proof" to its list of luxuries!

Take care,
Bruce McGuire
German Auto Connection
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