[V8] Tuned by Jager

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Mon May 5 18:24:29 PDT 2008

Taillights are a good place to start. Also, check the trunk seal and around 
it on the metal for holes/tears/etc. As for the taillights, if they are 
leaking (usually just the corner ones) they are sealed to the body with 
butyl rubber. You can get it in rolls from FLAPS.

BTW, looks great!

Tony Hoffman

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Subject: Re: [V8] Tuned by Jager

> The V8 was kinda beat up from a tough winter so I did a little spring
> cleaning project.
> http://www.jageng.com/garage9/images/audiv8_08.jpg
> Got a trunk leak so my spare well was 1/4 full of water. Any ideas as to
> where this may be from? Tailights? 

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