[V8] And another discovery....

Bastian Preindl bastian at preindl.net
Fri May 9 05:22:31 PDT 2008


1) The passenger window switch light has to be solded out and a new in.
2) What's the console shift selector? You mean the gear selector? Wah, 
not a nice work, but no solding. It's a glass socket bulb, 1,2W. Reserve 
a few hours for that.
3) The Driver's seat heater should light, sure. Again: Easy to get the 
switch out, careful when opening it. You've to sold a new one in also...


Roger Woodbury schrieb:
> Last night was severely dark when I was getting ready for bed, and I
> realized that I hadn't been in the new V8 in the dark yet.  So I went out
> and started the thing up, and turned on the lights.
> Amazingly all the lights work with the exception of the passenger window
> switch on the driver's panel, the driver's seat heater and the console shift
> selector...which I assume is lighted on these cars, but which I cannot
> remember for the life of me.  The instrument panel is 100% and all the other
> switch lights work, including the sunroof.
> I wonder how difficult it is to dive into the console?
> Roger

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