[V8] And another discovery....

Scott Simmons indischrot at gmail.com
Sat May 10 10:07:11 PDT 2008

I guess the easiest way to tell is to reverse polarity on the lamp and 
see if it lights up.  If you can switch pos/neg around and the bulb 
lights up, it's a regular microbulb.  If it doesn't, it's an LED.  The 
factory manuals use the (X) symbol of a light bulb (and not the |< 
symbol of an LED), but that doesn't ensure anything. 

~Scott S.

urq wrote:

>... every one I've ever opened had LEDs ... and I'd highly recommend
>replacing the switches if you can find them for a reasonable price.  Going
>with new switches gives you new contacts as well ... and they too are known
>to become flaky.  
>If you feel that you have good skills in soldering in confined spaces go
>right ahead.  I don't remember if I've seen the procedure posted anywhere
>lately, but what worked for me was to open up 3 edges on one side of the
>switch and lift the side piece up like a lid toward the part you can see
>when the switch is installed.  You may want to search the archives, ISTR
>posting a fairly detailed procedure on the big list a long time ago when I
>was doing this on my 5kCSQA ...
>Steve B
>San José, CA (USA)
>-----Original Message-----
>TMK, they are not LEDs but microbulbs. 
>It's easier to pay AutohausAZ $15 for a new switch than to take apart 
>the switch and solder in a new bulb.
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