[V8] V8 in the sunshine

Roger Woodbury rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com
Mon May 12 03:54:05 PDT 2008

Yesterday was a picture post card day here in eastern Maine.  We took the V8
to Belfast to pick up my mother and take her out to dinner.  Since I had had
the car inspected last week, I knew that the car was safe to drive some
distance because although the timing belt is original, it was in excellent
condition. Today is the day it goes in to the shop for the timing belt and
the other necessities for inspection and registration.

The car ran perfectly.  It is hard to believe that the car is 18 years old.
There were the usual selection of overweight SUV's and other "new" cars on
the road.  My wife remarked how foolish it seemed to her to spend big bucks
for a new SUV or some sort or other, when for a measily five grand we had
the V8.  

We dropped the car off at the wrench's shop late in the afternoon, and
outside the shop sat an extremely nice BMW 635 CSI.  It is owned by an older
man who bought it originally for his wife who has passed away. The car is a
lovely beige with a kind of light beige leather interior. A Texas car, it
has never been outside in bad weather and looks it. The car does need some
leather work inside, but at $6500 or so, is a great buy for someone wanting
one of those things. 

My wife looked at the car as we drove out of the shop yard, and remarked how
lovely it looked....and then said, "oh my god!  I have been around you so
long that now even I am looking at nice cars!"

The sickness is contagious!  And no, I don't want a big BMW...been there and
done THAT!


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