[V8] More oil leaks! Been there, done that....

Dag Bøsterud dag.boesterud at consulgranada.net
Thu May 15 09:51:01 PDT 2008

My engine was taken out of the car during last month, and we replaced lots 
and lots of gaskets. It's easier to list what's not been replaced:

077 103 161C - gasket between block and sealing flange
077 103 171G - sealing flange (rear crank radial seal) - I don't have a leak 
at the rear of the engine
077 103 609E - gasket - upper oil sump gasket
077 103 610C - gasket - lower oil sump gasket
077 115 427E - gasket - gasket for oil thermostat housing / outlet for 
temperature sensors / oil cooler

These are the only gaskets/seal I can think of that has not been changed.

...but the darned thing still leaks!!!

If I were to tighten the heads a bit more, how much? 1/8 of a turn? 1/4?

92 V8 4.2

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>I had the same trouble with a mysterious oil leak in my '93 V8.  We did the
> timing belt service because it needed it, and went searching for the oil
> leak because the oil cloud at the stop sign was begging to be annoying. 
> If
> I wanted an aged Camaro with oil cloud from its antique small block, I 
> would
> have bought one.
> The wrench did the timing belt and replaced ALL the seals and gaskets and
> stuff.  And because "we were in there" the power steering pump, reservoir
> and a partridge in a pear tree were all replaced.
> And....the damn thing still leaked.
> Tore it down again.  No sign of any leak except that it WAS leaking from 
> the
> right side of the engine.
> Die and black light.
> Nope. Couldn't see.
> Tore off the heads and sent them out to be fluxed...maybe a crack in the
> right side....oh, look THERE! That looks like an imperfect casting in the
> head...maybe it leaks when it gets warm enough....hmmmmmmmmmm
> NOPE. Heads were fine.  Machinist remarked about how finely made and
> sophisticated the heads were....reassembled....
> Still leak.
> Wrench says:  "Now, I am mad.  I am going to find that leak and fix it. 
> We
> are now working off the clock."
> Tore it all down again.  Leak found:  turns out that the seal in back of 
> the
> inside of the right side timing belt cover was.....BAD....fixed seal. 
> Fixed
> leak.
> That is the car that ultimately became The Gentleman's Express.
> My own personal spin on the V8, is that about the time that the second
> timing belt is due, the entire engine should be removed from the car, and
> completely disassembled, and resealed.
> Figure the odds on doing all of that at 120,000 miles...but it could 
> happen!
> Roger
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